Amber Brooches

All of our brooches comes with a presentation box. Brooches are very flexible as they can be worn in various ways, some can be worn as a pendant when hung from a chain or necklace. All of our brooches are made from sterling silver.

  • Arrow Brooch

    Arrow Brooch

    A long brooch with a modern twist. It houses a teardrop shaped piece of Amber. Around the outside of the thick silver are three small Amber pin heads...
  • Droplets Brooch

    Droplets Brooch

    A delicate brooch with 3 droplets of Amber coming out of three silver buds. It is nearly 6cm long and often worn as a pendant too. We have some...
  • Droplets Butterfly Brooch

    Droplets Butterfly Brooch

    A small and delicate brooch 3.5cm wide. It features a droplet of cognac amber.
  • Scarf Pin

    Scarf Pin

    Set in the style of a large safety pin this features two buds of Amber set in silver. The item is nearly 8cm long and up to 2.5cm high.
  • Snake Brooch

    Snake Brooch

    A pretty brooch containing three colours of amber at both ends. There are small dots of amber at the left with winding silver leading to three...
  • Spider Brooch

    Spider Brooch

    Amber set in a silver spider. This brooch is nearly 4 cm wide and features two balls of cognac amber. It comes in an Oskar Amber presentation box.
  • Star Brooch

    Star Brooch

    Four different shades of amber in a swirling silver star. This brooch is about 3.5 cms wide.