Amber Earrings Set in Sterling Silver

This is our main collection of earrings mainly for pierced ears however we have some clip earrings. All are made from baltic amber and are set in sterling silver. They all come in an Oskar presentation box and are delivered free.

  • Barrel Earrings

    Barrel Earrings

    Three pieces of coloured amber separated by silver balls. 65mm long. Matching bracelet and necklace or choker available.
  • Bold Earrings

    Bold Earrings

    One piece of oval sterling silver just over 2cm long. Most of it is inset with a light cognac Amber.
  • Cage Earrings

    Cage Earrings

    Interwined strands of steel with yellow and amber buttons mixed with steel discs. Available with matching matching bangle and necklace.
  • Chunky Earrings

    Chunky Earrings

    A rectangle of Amber (1cm high) with a bevelled front. The sterling silver holds it at the top and bottom and curves around the back leaving a gap...
  • Clutched Earrings

    Clutched Earrings

    Ornate sterling silver flows down to hold an oval piece of amber. The earrings are 3cms long. There is a matching bracelet and pendant available.
  • Cognac Barrel Earrings

    Cognac Barrel Earrings

    Dangly earrings with tubes of cognac amber. Available with matchign bracelet or necklace and in multi-coloured amber.
  • Cognac Fleur Clips

    Cognac Fleur Clips

    The vibrant cognac section measures 2.5cms by 1.5cms. The swirl of silver holds the amber securely in place. The clip cannot be seen from the front.
  • Cognac Heart Studs

    Cognac Heart Studs

    Cognac amber heart shaped studs measuring 0.5 x 0.5cms.
  • Cognac Oval Studs

    Cognac Oval Studs

    These measure approximately 1cm in length and .5cms in width
  • Cognac Teardrop Studs

    Cognac Teardrop Studs

    Tear drop shaped amber studs with a solid silver frame, they are 0.5cms wide by 0.8cms long.
  • Column Earrings

    Column Earrings

    Two columns of amber in a solid silver hinged fitting.They are about 5cms long and can be matched with the triple layer necklace.
  • Cubed Earrings

    Cubed Earrings

    A simple design for these small earrings. Two sterling silver squares sit on top of each other and are held together with a link allowing them to...