Gold & Amber

We have a growing range of gold items to choose from. This includes some of the favourite items from our silver and amber collections and some different items only available in gold. As well as solid 9 carat gold we have a range of gold plated items that allow us to offer fabulous designs at great prices.

  • Gold Crescent Choker

    Gold Crescent Choker

    Slices of cognac amber are framed and joined together by nine carat gold. This choker is 41cms in length.
  • Gold Crucifix

    Gold Crucifix

    A simple gold crucifx of nine carat gold holds a square of cognac amber. The crucifix is 4.5cms long and 2.5cms wide. This comes in a presentation...
  • Gold Drop Earrings

    Gold Drop Earrings

    3 cms in length and 1 cm at its widest point, these earrings are a delight. 9 carat gold frames a small drop of cognac amber.
  • Gold Drop Pendant

    Gold Drop Pendant

    Nine carat solid gold holds a small oval of cognac amber. The pendant is 3cms long and 1cm wide. This comes in a presentation box. THE CHAIN IS NOT...
  • Gold Heart Pendant

    Gold Heart Pendant

    This is a very popular amber heart set with a 9 carat gold bow to attach a chain. Because they are a natural product they vary a little in size but...
  • Gold Hex Studs

    Gold Hex Studs

    A half sphere of cognac amber set in solid 9 carat gold. The setting is hexagonal and fastened with a earring post and butterfly fastener. The studs...
  • Gold Key Bracelet

    Gold Key Bracelet

    Oval shaped pieces of cognac amber are held together by 9 carat gold keys. The bracelet is 19cms long.
  • Gold Shoulder Studs

    Gold Shoulder Studs

    A small ball of cognac amber is shouldered by 9 carat gold. The studs are 0.8 by 0.6cms