Most Popular Amber Jewellery

These are our customers most favourite designs.

  • Amber Bangle

    Amber Bangle

    A traditional bangle with an oval of amber nearly 2.5cm long. The bangle is open at the back and is about 7cms wide. As it is silver it can be shaped...
  • Cognac Cufflinks

    Cognac Cufflinks

    Generous oval pieces of cognac amber set in sterling silver. 2cm wide with a generous silver setting. Also available with green amber.
  • Cognac Heart Studs

    Cognac Heart Studs

    Cognac amber heart shaped studs
  • Droplets Twist Bracelet

    Droplets Twist Bracelet

    Individual twisted silver link with amber buds. The bracelet is adjustable from 17-20cms long. A delicate and contemporary piece.
  • Large Stud Earrings

    Large Stud Earrings

    Pronounced cones of Amber with a sterling silver surround. Just over 1 cm in width.
  • Menage a Trois pendant

    Menage a Trois pendant

    Three short round columns of different coloured amber are set in a swirl of sterling silver. The pendant is about 2.5cms long and 1.5cms wide....
  • Quake Pendant

    Quake Pendant

    Nearly 4cms long this is a combination of amber and sterling silver with the silver being hand-made to fit the against the jagged edge of the amber....
  • Star Brooch

    Star Brooch

    Four different shades of amber in a swirling silver star. This brooch is about 3.5 cms wide.
  • Willow Pendant

    Willow Pendant

    Three thin teardrop pieces of amber of decreasing size pivot against each other. Each is set in front of a sightly overlapping piece of sterling...
  • Woven Pendant

    Woven Pendant

    A simple but delicate sterling silver design encases a ball of amber of about 1cm in diameter. The pendant is nearly 3cms long. There are matching...