Amber Necklaces

All our pendants come with a solid silver 45cm (18") snake chain. Please read the descriptions for details of the length and style of every amber necklace. Our jewellery is sourced from Northern Poland and we guarantee the quality and integrity each amber necklace for sale.

  • Amber Pendant

    Amber Pendant

    A substantial chunk of Amber with several stunning inclusions, set in a swirling silver outline. The pendant is approximately 3.5cms wide and 6cms...
  • Amber Teardrop

    Amber Teardrop

    A large tactile piece of cognac amber with lots of inclusions. This is the amber pendant for amber lovers and can be bought with individually matched...
  • Barrel Necklace

    Barrel Necklace

    This necklace contains tubes of amber in three colours and long stretches of silver chain. Matching earrings and bracelet are also available.Fixed...
  • Brace of Amber Pendant

    Brace of Amber Pendant

    A long thin silver pendant with two different coloured pieces of amber. The pendant is between 9-10cms long. The upper piece of amber is milky and...
  • Cage Choker

    Cage Choker

    Three interwined steel wires set with yellow and cognac amber buttones. These are interspersed with steel discs. The choker can be varied in length....
  • Chunky Pendant

    Chunky Pendant

    As the name suggests this is quite a small but heavy piece with a generous sterling silver backdrop. The amber is a deep cognac rectangle...
  • Clash Pendant

    Clash Pendant

    A large modern pendant featuring two pieces of amber set in solid sterling silver. The lower piece is a large button at least 4cms wide with lots of...
  • Clutched Pendant

    Clutched Pendant

    A simple curve of sterling silver with a small piece of oval cognac amber. Matches the Clutched bracelet and Clutched earrings. Hallmarked sterling...
  • Cognac Amber Choker

    Cognac Amber Choker

    Thin tubes of coganc amber interspered with silver balls. Also available with multi-coloured amber. sold with an Oskar Amber presentation box....
  • Cognac crucifix

    Cognac crucifix

    A small crucifix made of one piece of bright coognac amber. Comes on a 45cm (18") sterling silver snake chain in an Oskar presentation box. Supplied...
  • Cubed Green Pendant

    Cubed Green Pendant

    A stunningly simple pendant. A rectangle of silver with a small square of green Amber inset. The pendant is approximately 1.5cms long by 0.5cms wide....
  • Droplets Crucifix

    Droplets Crucifix

    A curved sterling silver crucifix with 3 buds of amber. Hallmarked sterling silver and supplied on an 18" sterling silver snake chain in an Oskar...