New Items

Here are the new items we have added during 2015. There are new items being added all the time in the run up to Christmas so please keep checking in.

  • 16" Solid Gold Chain

    16" Solid Gold Chain

    This is a 9 carat gold snake chain suitable for use with any of our pendants. (40 cm)
  • 18" Gold Plated Snake Chain

    18" Gold Plated Snake Chain

    A silver snake chain with 9 carat gold plating. 1mm thickness.
  • Cage Bangle

    Cage Bangle

    Part of a set with matching earrings and necklace. This range features non-uniform discs of cognac and yellow amber as well as steel discs set on...
  • Cage Choker

    Cage Choker

    Three interwined steel wires set with yellow and cognac amber buttones. These are interspersed with steel discs. The choker can be varied in length....
  • Cage Earrings

    Cage Earrings

    Interwined strands of steel with yellow and amber buttons mixed with steel discs. Available with matching matching bangle and necklace.
  • Grapple Pendant (Gold Plated)

    Grapple Pendant (Gold Plated)

    A contemporary piece item with matching earrings. Also available in sterling silver. Supplied without a chain. We have a range available if required.
  • Menage a Trois Earrings (Gold Plated)

    Menage a Trois Earrings (Gold Plated)

    Three small columns of different coloured Amber set against each other. They are available with a matching pendant or in sterling silver. Between 1.5...
  • Mouse Brooch

    Mouse Brooch

    A happy little fellow, just 3 cm long.
  • Pendant with Inclusions

    Pendant with Inclusions

    This spectacular piece features 14 carat gold and some 40 million year old bugs.
  • Petal Earrings (Gold Plated)

    Petal Earrings (Gold Plated)

    Long (6cm) earrings with a 3cm piece of amber held in a delicate petal with a gold plated finish. There is a mathcing pendant for these earrings...
  • Petal Pendant (Gold Plated)

    Petal Pendant (Gold Plated)

    An oval of cognac Amber is held in place by two pretty golden petals. The pendant is 4.5cms long by 2cms wide. There are matching earrings available....
  • Piano Earrings

    Piano Earrings

    These fancy earrings feature a ball of silver at the ear with a stainless steel loop home to long amber teeth. A longer silver tooth sits in between...